Festival Glitter Face & Body Art!

Go glitz and glam at your next party, festival, or event with our spectacular glitter art station! Perfect for all ages, our dazzling creations will have people going absolutely crazy with amazement. Watch as faces light up and squeals of delight fill the air when they see our stunning set-up!

Get the full Coachella look without leaving your event venue with our talented artists who can bring the magic to you! We’re stocked with all the coolest supplies to make your glitter dreams come true: tons of glitter in every color imaginable, face jewels, gold leaf, diamantes, glitter sprays, and more glitter in all shapes and sizes!

Everyone loves glitter, and we can decorate just about anything:

  • Glitter Eye Designs: Mix glitter with our clever face painting eye designs to create something truly special.
  • Face Jewels: Add extra bling for the complete package.
  • Glitter with Airbrushing: Mixing stencils with lace creates something unique, topped off with a healthy dose of glitter!
  • Glitter Hair: From hairstyling and braiding to colored hair sprays and glitter art, we’ll make your locks sparkle!
  • Glitter Body Art: Whether it’s full body, decolletage, or something on the arms, our glitter body art is perfect for brand awareness, festivals, or body modeling. And the best part? This glitter will stay with you all day!

Looking for that extra special touch? Try our Professional Makeup & Glitter Art combo for an unforgettable look at your next event.

And don’t forget to check out our glitter hair accessories, available now! Contact us today to find your unique headpiece for your next festival!

Remember, “You can never create more joy than the joy that glitter brings.” Plus, we offer bio-degradable glitter options for those who want to shine responsibly.

Don’t miss out on the glittery fun! Book Festival Glitter Face & Body Art for your next event and let the magic begin!