Face Painting Workshop

Our Face painting educational workshops are a fun and relaxing way to learn how to face paint. All face painting materials are supplied on the day. We instruct people of all ages and ability how to face paint at school festivals, youth groups, shopping centres, trade shows and events. Levels range between beginners to intermediate.

Many people believe that they are instinctively not creative. This is NOT true, everyone has the potential to be an artist, all they need to do is learn the basics of face painting, have a little bit of fun, patience and persistence.

This is a fundamentals workshop –  very hands-on learning! I will teach you how to work the brushes so you know how to paint and hold your brush properly. Countless hours on Youtube never teach you this. If you want to save yourself headaches and time wondering what you’re doing wrong – this is the best way to expedite your learning!

Learning how to face paint is also a lot of fun!

We will cover the following in our three-hour workshop

  • Line, blending & One stroke Split cake: brush and sponge techniques
  • Supplies
  • Health Safety and Hygiene
  • Do’s & dont’s
  • Tip and tricks: Painting Short cuts and how to master your craft faster
  • Practising cheek art and full-face popular designs
  • Composition, Symmetry and flow for the design
  • Problem-solving – being out in the field
  • Furniture set up
  • Pricing structure
  • Managing crowds and expectations
  • Marketing – getting your business started
  • How to advance your skill after the workshop – to become a pro!

On completion you will be provided with:

  • WLFP Painters Certificate
  • Detailed notes covering everything taught
  • Brushstroke and split cake practise sheets
  • A range of beginner to advance face painting references
  • MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Photo Release Form
  • Ongoing support
  • Opportunities to work immediately in the field.

Beginners: Small Groups: Max 6 people: 5 hours at $300pp

We organise group booking in order to keep your cost down. Send us an email if you’d like to be on the list for the next workshop.

Already painting and want to perfect your skills? You might need a little more one on one guidance that will give you the insight into tips and tricks to perfect your craft. One little change in technique can solve all your problems! One and two-hour bookings available. Contact us for more info and to discuss what you’re after!

* The course is held from the St. Kilda studio on Barkley st.

Once you finish the course and signed up for Public Liability your eligible to hit the face painting world! We also have paid trainee gigs to help to get you going, gain field experience, learn from other painters and keep the inspiration going!

Next Group Course Dates:

Sunday 2nd of May 2021

Face Painting Supplies:

We also face painting kits; the kits include a range of all the top quality essential products you will need to get you started in a career of face painting.

We have mannequin heads available to practice on so don’t worry about bringing a model.

Contact us for further information today and to book in for the fun!