Balloon Twisting Workshop

Learn how to twist your way to fun and entertainment for yourself and all your friends.

Starting a career: Our introductory workshops run for 2-3 hours.

You will learn how to pump, twist and about balloon safety.  10-20 designs  depending on the length of the workshop. Simple to dynamic designs on offer. * All notes supplied and ongoing educational tips provided.

Kids workshops:  Throwing a party or just want your child or teen to learn a new craft? Get a group together to have some crazy educational fun! Kids will learn how to blow up and twist off but to save time balloons will be pumped prior to the workshop.

In the kids corner, they will learn to make:

  • Doggie
  • Flower
  • Sword
  • Hat
  • Mystery balloon of your own imagination!

We can accommodate to suit any particular event. Workshops are a fantastic activity to have at parties, school groups, shopping centres and corporate events. 

Fill the room with colour and fun and Book us for your next event!