Flash Tattoos


Made popular by celebrities and music festival devotees, metallic, coloured and UV flash temporary tattoos are the new Kid on the block! 

Wearing a flash tattoo will add that perfect piece of styling to whatever you’re wearing. These jewellery inspired designed will simply take it to that next level. They can be worn any day of the week, but are especially perfect for parties and general festive events. So invite your friends over for a Uv flash tattoo party now ! A party where music and movement meets sparkle and patterns; dark and light dance with shimmer then shine. Yes!  it’s the perfect recipe for spectacle, where your excited guests will fall for the whirl of dancing geometric designs! Or just simply feel gorgeous!

Our mix of shimmering UV Flash metallic temporary tattoos is endless. Inspiring designs include a splash of fierce gold, bold mix of silver and a dash of black, then blue, and soft green with eclectic gold hues. Edgy geometric patterns clash with contrasting bohemian designs – there are options to suit every personality.

Choose from:  friendship bracelets, necklaces with feathers, arm bands, anklets, scalloped necklaces, flower medallions, Butterflies, Gold and silver peacock feather designs.

Flash temporary tattoos are also ideal to make you all shine at hens parties, bat mitzvahs and teen birthday parties!
Add abstract eye painting; nail art or feather hair extensions for a fun filled party.

Goodie bags available for the girls to take home and to continue their look for months to come! Contact us for further prices